Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker's gallery and studio are in Castletownbere, Co Cork where her work can be seen year round. She is currently exhibiting a solo show at the Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin and has some small work available in Cleo Gallery, Kenmare, Co Kerry. She also works with Fenton Projects.




"Is there such a thing as art made with a shy eye? An art made through the paradox of the rear view mirror looking back to look ahead? An art engaged in the most discreet smuggling? That seduces nature to oblige its every desire? So that nature itself orginally disguised?
It is this disarming cojugation of faux innocence and steely intentions that may define Sarah Walker's paintings."

extract from "Nature's Walker" by Brian O Doherty

in Representing Art in Ireland published by Fenton Gallery



Sarah Walker Gallery, The Pier, Castletownbere, Co Cork. Tel 027 70387


Oliver Sears Gallery
29 Molesworth Street
Dublin 2

Cleo Gallery
Kenmare, Co Kerry

Fenton Projects






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